Saturday, July 7, 2012

Former Southeast guard Lacey Houston transfers to Nebraska JUCO

Lacey Houston is transferring from Eastern Wyoming College where she averaged 10 points per game in the early part of the season.

Lacey Houston at Eastern Wyoming
The former Southeast High standout signed with North Platte Community College in Nebraska after receiving her release from Eastern Wyoming and will be joining the program in August.
"I asked for my release from Eastern Wyoming because I wasn’t getting along with the coach,” Houston said. “I had scored about 20 points against North Platte because they are in our conference and coach there offered me a full ride. I am going to be playing point guard.”

Houston played off guard and some wing when she was at Southeast. It took her awhile to get used to running an offense in college.
“It was one of the hardest transitions I ever had to make,” Houston said. “At two-guard, you always shoot the ball and go to the basket. But at the one (point guard) you’ve got other people to do that. You’ve got to keep the offense going and get others involved. It’s a different world out there.”

Houston says her goal is play division I after next season. If she has a choice she would like to play for the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. She already has a rapport with the coach there.
“For me the hardest change from high school was the weather out there. It got to be one degrees and I had never seen anything like that,” Houston said. “It was unbelievable and switching to the one you have to learn to get everyone involved and make sure your teammates score.”


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