Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tommie Frazier's Hall of Fame snub creating uproar

The snub of Tommie Frazier in this year’s College Football Hall of Fame balloting has created a fury of protest.

Frazier has now become the focal point for critics, who are calling the Hall of Fame’s method of selecting inductees unfair and archaic.

Some are saying Frazier’s snub reveals an outdated organization that lives in the past. To his credit, Frazier has not issued a complaint and says he is not bothered.

But many others are concerned and see Frazier’s snub indicative that something is inherently wrong with the College Football Hall of Fame.

“If Tommie Frazier is not an immediate unquestionable first ballot hall of famer in his sport then what is the point of having a College Football Hall of Fame,” CBSSPORTS.COM asked after the voting of the class of 2011 came out last week.

CBSPORTS.COM says there are dozens of clearly deserving players who haven’t been granted induction into the Hall and many others have had to wait an unreasonably long time.

Frazier’s career ended 16 years ago and yet his name didn’t appear on the ballot until this year. And CBS asks why are we still waiting for the quarterback to get his due.

Frazier threw for more than 4,000 yards and 47 touchdowns while rushing for 2,286 yards and 36 touchdowns. The former Manatee High great also capped off his career with that infamous TD run against Florida that propelled the Huskers to their second straight national title.

“A College Football Hall of Fame that does not include Tommie Frazier is an incomplete Hall of Fame and the voters owe it to Frazier, Nebraska, and college football to fix this mistake as soon as possible,” said.

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