Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cast your vote for Manatee County's Greatest High School Football Player

You’ve seen it, you’ve studied and had time to digest it.

Who is the greatest high school football in Manatee County history? The belief here is that it’s Peter Warrick.

He won two state championships at Southeast and made the most difficult transition his senior year when he switched from receiver to quarterback.

In his final two years at Southeast he never lost a game that he played in sitting out the Seminoles lone defeat with an injury.

But you might disagree and there are plenty of worthy candidates to wear the crown as Manatee County’s greatest gridiron hero.

Here is a chance to cast your vote on who is Manatee County’s greatest high school football player. Cast your vote on the poll.

1 comment:

  1. Rick Robich ... Chris Bilkie ... Reggie Green ... Shevin Wiggins ... Richard Trapp ... None of them were mentioned ... Alan Dell needs to survey longtime followers of Manatee County football and stop trying to be the expert in an area he has little or no knowledge!!!