Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Victor Rudd should stay at USF

USF sophomore forward Victor Rudd announced he is looking into the draft. He should reconsider.

He doesn’t have an agent and that is good because it means he can return if he changes his mind. The transfer from Arizona State has until April 10th to change his mind before losing his eligibility.

March madness must have gotten into Rudd’s head. The 6-7 wing man’s resume shows five post season games where he averaged 14.7 points and 7 rebounds. He was previously in single digits.

It’s not enough to get him drafted and only first rounders get guaranteed contracts. Rudd has not been mentioned among those figured to be selected in the first two rounds. He is a long shot at best and it makes no sense for him to go.

He is unproven and NBA teams are going to be skeptical of him for leaving Arizona State and getting suspended from his high school team.

The NBA draft has had more than its share of talented kids like him who came out early or out of high school under the old rules and wound up in the basketball graveyard.

Here is some advice Victor: Stay in school, build up your resume. It makes no "cents" to come out now.

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  1. He is not going to build up his resume on a team that plays as slow offensively as USF. You have to put the ball in the hoop to get scouts to look at you. If you want to be a pro, USF is not the place to go play. Rudd already transferred once, so he probably doesn't want to sit out again. He is better off going to Europe and playing in the developmental league. Declaring will get him exposure and help him find a job somewhere.