Friday, March 23, 2012

Namath calls Tebow trade a publicity stunt: Who should know better better!

Joe Namath called the Jets trade for Tim Tebow nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Maybe we should take his statement to heart because when it came to garnering publicity no one was better than Namath, who at times stood on the sidelines in a fur coat with white shoes and did some things that were considered bizarre before bizarre became the norm for NFL players.

He was known as “Broadway Joe” and cynics might say he doesn’t want to give that tag up to guy who might someday be called “Broadway Tim”

There seems to be an endless list of nicknames to describe Tim Tebow: Shall we start with
“Timsanity” __”Times Square Timmy”__”Wildcat Tim”___”TimRannosaurus RexRyan”___or maybe the standard “Leap of Faith Tim”

But getting back to Joe “Willie” Namath.

Among his most notable publicity stunts, Namath posed for a panty hose commercial and then there was his infamous “guarantee” that his Jets would win Super Bowl III over the Baltimore Colts.

The Jets say they are serious and are going to put in some special packages for Tebow to take advantage of his special skills (whatever they are) such as running the Wildcat.

When Namath was winding up his career with the Jets there was no such thing as a Wildcat, but then Jets head coach Lou Holtz put in a package that had the famed quarterback heading to the sidelines when New York got inside the 10 or thereabouts.

Holtz, the father of current USF head coach Skip Holtz, felt the Jets needed a more mobile quarterback for those redzone opportunities and Namath’s knees were starting to crackle.

Namath obviously didn’t like it and reportedly got his message across to Holtz, who resigned one game before the season ended in his only year as an NFL coach.


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