Thursday, March 22, 2012

How much will Sean Payton's suspension help the Tampa Bay Bucs

A question floating around these parts is how much Sean Payton’s one year suspension will help the Tampa Bay Bucs.

When you look at head to head competition it appears the affect will be minimal. But it’s the overall success Payton has had as the New Orleans Saints head football coach that will affect the Bucs the most next season.

Payton is 6-6 against the Bucs, though a couple of those losses were games some believe he just threw away because they were at the end of the season and he was resting players for the playoffs.

From the Bucs standpoint the most impressive thing about Payton is that he is 13-5 in the NFC South Division the last three years wining two division titles. During that span, which included the Saints 2010 Super Bowl championship, Payton is 3-3 against the Bucs.

The thing is when Payton beat the Bucs in two of the three times since 2009 he beat them bad, 31-6 in 2010 and 27-16 last year in a game that was a lot more one-sided then the final score indicates.

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