Monday, January 23, 2012

Bucs should be glad Kelly turned them down

To the Bucs we say: Be Careful What You Wish For Because You Might Get It!

The Bucs were spared perhaps an embarrassment when Oregon University head football coach Chip Kelly turned down their offer to be their new head coach.

Anything is possible; but if you look at Kelly's track record and college experience he would have had to make a major adjustment to coaching at the NFL level and history has proven that doesn't usually work.

The list of college head football coaches who failed at the NFL level is staggering. To make it worse, Kelly runs a spread offense that features a lot small guys running all over the place.

Kelly had success against Pac 12 teams, but lost both his encounters with teams from the SEC, which is more like what he would see in the NFL.

His two lowest point totals the last two years came against Auburn (19 points) in the BCS 2011 title game and last season (27) against LSU. Three seasons ago, his team scored 17 points against Ohio State in the Rose Bowl and 9 vs Boise State.

However you do the math, this is a big risk.

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