Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not interested in BCS title game? You were not alone

If you were bored watching the Alabama-LSU BCS title game or simply not interested enough to turn it on, don’t feel bad. You were not alone.

The reported TV ratings were the third lowest for the BCS title game in the 14 year history of the BCS. It drew a 14.0 rating on ESPN squeaking ahead of the 2004 game between LSU and Oklahoma and the 2002 Miami-Nebraska game.

The Alabama-LSU game was down eight percent from last year’s Auburn-Oregon and was possibly part of a bigger trend, which says people want a different system.

An interesting note is that the three lowest rated BCS title games featured a team that did not win its conference perhaps proving that the public is not as easy to fool as the BCS moguls would like to believe. There was Alabama this year and Nebraska in ’02 and Oklahoma in ’04.

The five BCS Bowl games this year averaged 8.4 percent of all TV households, down from last year. West Virginia’s 70-33 demolition of Clemson at the Orange Bowl drew a 4.5 rating, making it the lowest rated game in BCS history. The Rose and Sugar Bowls also saw a significant drop in ratings.

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