Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Donald Penn defends Freeman and now blames media

Donald Penn, the Tampa Bay Bucs well respected offensive lineman, has accused people of trying to bring down quarterback Josh Freeman.

But Penn never said what everyone wanted to hear: Who is "they?"

That was in the morning. Later in the day Penn named the enemy and wouldn't you know it was the media.

“The media. The Media. The Media. The Media. Y’all,” Penn said. “Y’all are all trying to find any way to tarnish his character and make it sound like he is not a good guy, like he is not a good person, like this is all his fault," Penn said.

Its ironic because Freeman never blamed the media. He said the damaging information was coming from inside One Buc Place.

Donald Penn defends Freeman off the field
Since Freeman was benched last week numerous reports have come out painting him as an irresponsible malcontent. It was revealed that he was in stage 1 of the NFL's substance abuse program and has missed team meetings and functions.

"It’s like they’re really trying to bring him down and Josh is a great guy. Josh is a very humble spirit. He’s a very good guy. He’s a very good person and he really cares about him teammates and cares about his team.” Penn said.

Throughout this whole ordeal Penn said Freeman has never said anything bad about any of his teammates and even helped rookie Mike Glennon, his replacement at quarterback.

"Josh has not said one negative thing since all this happened and I talk to Josh all the time. It’s just a tough time right now. We’re getting through it. We’re sticking together," Penn said.

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