Thursday, October 31, 2013

Despite being maligned and ridiculed Schiano says he is having fun

Has Greg Schiano really lost it?

Despite being maligned, criticized and ridiculed with signs going up all over the Tampa Bay Area calling for him to be fired, the Tampa Bay Bucs head coach says he is having fun.

"Everyday, everyday, I love what I do," Schiano said Wednesday at his daily presser.

"It isn’t always fun for what your family has to go through but as far as my job? It’s the best! What I do for a living, I wouldn’t trade it. I love it. I know I speak for our coaches and players, that’s what makes it exciting," Schiano said.

Okay, everybody has their own idea of what fun constitutes so give Schiano his do. It would be nice if he would win a game, which is probably the only thing Bucs' fans would consider fun.

Winless Tampa has lost seven straight and that number figures to grow to eight when the Bucs visit Seattle on Sunday.

Have fun Greg!

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