Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Could USF-UCF resume football series?

Could the USF-UCF game be back on the docket?

With former USF coach Jim Leavitt no longer in the picture, it seems like that might be a possibility. Leavitt, who was fired after last season, was staunchly opposed to playing UCF again.

He was always vague about the reason for wanting to discontinue the series, though you got the feeling he felt any loss to UCF would hurt recruiting and he didn’t want to give the Knights any unnecessary publicity.

Leavitt is gone and Skip Holtz, his successor at USF, doesn’t share the same sentiment. He seems open to the idea and though nothing officially has been set down it appears the series might resume someday, which didn’t seem likely under Leavitt.

The Bulls and Knights met four times with USF winning each game, including the 64-12 blowout in 2007. However, Leavitt said those games were never easy and the following year in ’08, his team had to go into overtime to beat UCF 31-24.

This all might be a moot point if some of the talk about expansion comes to fruition. There are rumors the Big 10 made expand and raid the Big East. If that happens and the Bulls are left in a depleted conference, UCF could get an invitation to join and they would be playing each other regularly anyway.

But all that is speculation now and the main hope for USF is to remain in a BCS conference. Some talk has the Big 10 taking one Big East team, maybe Rutgers, which might put the UCF Knights on the cusp of replacing the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.

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