Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kinnan-Holtz mend fences

It looks as if Manatee High head football coach Joe Kinnan and new USF coach Skip Holtz have mended fences.

The two shared lunch together Tuesday when Kinnan made a surprise visit to the first USF media football luncheon under the reign of Holtz. They were smiling and talking to each other while looking like two buddies renewing acquaintances.

It seemed different from when Holtz first took over the Bulls program and last February took away a scholarship that had been promised to Brion Carnes, Manatee High’s quarterback last season.

Kinnan was upset about the decision and made his feelings known saying USF was not welcome at his school. However, it looked like water on the bridge on Tuesday. Speaking of Carnes, expect him to redshirt this season at Nebraska.

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