Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holtz takes blame for loss to UConn

USF head coach Skip Holtz put the blame of the Bulls 19-16 loss Saturday night squarely on his shoulders questioning what he said was his play calling.

Trailing 16-13,the Bulls had driven down to the Connecticut five where they had a first down with less than two minutes left.

A one yard run by Mo Plancher didn't gain any yards and UConn called a timeout leaving itself with two remaining.

Holtz said he was responsible for the next two calls, which were pass attempts to Dontavia Bogan. They both fell incomplete and worst of all stopped the clock without UConn forced to call a time out.

After USF tied the game on a field goal, UConn was able to get a good kickoff return and with two time outs remaining put itself in a position to get a 52-yard field goal with 17 seconds left to win the game.

Holtz said after the game he should've run the ball and forced UConn to use its timeouts, which proved crucial at the end,

"I look at myself first. I'd love to go back and redo the final two minutes," Holtz said. "It's one-on-one coverage, they're loading the box, let's give Bogan a chance to make a play. He's made so many for us this year.

"In hindsight, putting that on a freshman (quarterback Bobby Eveld), I should have run the ball, even if we didn't gain any yards. I should (have) run the ball and ate up the clock and not given them an opportunity to go back down and kick the field goal. … In a one-play game like this, you beat yourself up."

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