Monday, October 10, 2011

Boise State could save Big East and USF football

It looks as if the presidents of the remaining Big East Conference football schools are improving their math skills.

The announcement today that the Big East would go after Boise State in its search for more football teams is sure to get the adrenalin going for the University of South Florida and the other five remaining football members.

Unless the BCS changes its evaluation rules, Boise State could just about guarantee the Big East would remain a BCS conference___And that's what everybody wants.

The Big East should go after Boise State with every carrot it can dangle. There are reports that Colorado based Air Force would be invited, which gives the Broncos at least one team in close proximity.

The Big East needs to make this deal and use its best selling point,which is a ticket to the BCS championship.

Boise State, the little engine that could, wants to be in a BCS conference and if the Broncos joined the Big East and the current football schools (minus Pittsburgh and Syracuse) remain this could happen.

Sources in the Big East say the conference is going hard after Boise State, Air Force and Navy along with UCF and Temple. If Louisville stays and one more is added it would give the conference 12 teams and a conference championship game, which means more money.

The Big East needs to make Boise State an offer it can't refuse and it's all there. There is the New York TV market provided by Rutgers, the Philadelphia market that Temple, which is also being considered, could bring___not to mention Florida. There is a Big East championship game.

If Louisville bolts to the Big 12 get another team; there are plenty of them around including East Carolina, undefeated Houston and up and coming SMU knocking on the door. If you get desperate there is always Villanova, already in Big East basketball juggernaut, but a woeful 1-5 FCS (I-AA) team this season.

Boise State is the key. Get the Broncos and the Big East should remain a BCS automatic qualifier. If the Broncos join the rest should be easy. Arguably the football conference will be stronger with Boise State, Air Force, Navy, Temple and UCF.

Big East officials need to be aggressive and go after what they want instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen.

Boise State can make it happen. Heck pay their plane fare to come east and play if you have to. We are talking life or death.

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  1. I think you are totally on target with this situation. There's no doubt that the Big East needs Boise State in football. It would be monumental for the conferences future.