Monday, October 24, 2011

Brian Poole visits Notre Dame, but don't expect him to switch from Florida

Brian Poole visited Notre Dame this past weekend, but don't expect him to flip from his commitment to Florida to the Fighting Irish.

It was the second time the Southeast High star visited Notre Dame in two years. His visit last year as a junior was unofficial and this time his parents came with him leading some to speculate he might change his mind.

Anything is possible and his dad, Brian Poole Sr., told the media that nothing is basically etched in stone.

Poole, who is expected to play cornerback next season, has steadfastly maintained two objectives; that he is committed to Florida and that he is going to take all of his five visits.

He was at the Florida-Alabama game and has been in regular touch with Gators head coach Will Muschamp.

Muschamp has told Poole to be ready to play next year and make an impact. The 5-11, 190 pounder already has the size to play defensive back in the SEC and his speed is off the charts.

As his dad said anything is possible, but it's highly unlikely Poole will change his mind. Week in and week out he has said he wants to be a Gator and knows he could step on the field early at Florida.

One person rooting for Poole to choose Notre Dame is ESPN super guru basketball analyst Dick Vitale, who is close to the school where his daughters played tennis and his son-in-law was a quarterback.

Tee Shepard and Ronald Darby, two cornerbacks, have verbally committed to Notre Dame. Darby is taking other visits while it is said Shepard could move to safety, a position Poole can also play.

Lenita Williams, Brian's mother, said the trip to Notre Dame went well and that they were impressed with the football program's high graduation rate. She made the trip with Brian and his dad.

She said Brian is considering taking other visits and has mentioned Alabama as a likely place, but says her son's heart is with the Gators.

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  1. If coach Muschamp doesn't start getting a hold of himself on the sidelines, Gator recruiting classes are going to suffer. Pretty soon, his players are going to let his constant profane rants go in one ear and out the other and he's going to lose them.