Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boise State and Big East is a marriage made in heaven

Boise State and the Big East Conference!

It's a match made in heaven. What are you waiting for. This is the perfect marriage!

Boise State's record over recent years and BCS ranking will save the Big East and allow it to hold onto its Automatic Qualifying status.

In return Boise State won't have to beat teams by 50 points and go undefeated to get into a BCS bowl and have virtually no chance for the BCS title game.

Why would either side turn this down. The Big East only needs Boise State as a football school. This is perfect unless there is something we don't know.

Are the Broncos afraid of playing West Virginia, Cincinnati, South Florida, Rutgers, Louisville and Connecticut every year. No offense to the Mountain West, but overall these are better teams than what the league has now.

Get this done. It's a no brainer. The only thing that would ruin this deal is if the BCS changed its qualification rules to be an AQ and that is unlikely. Lawsuits would be flying all over the country and those guys don't want that. They make too much money.

Even if Louisville bolts for another conference as reported there are enough BCS points among Boise State, West Virginia and Cincinnati for the Big East to remain ahead of the current non AQ conferences.

So get it done. Boise State-Big East. It's the perfect marriage!

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