Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bucs tackle woes at root of their problems

It's time for the Tampa Bay Bucs to get back to basics. And by that we mean learning how to tackle.

Going into last week’s Carolina game, Tampa led the league in attempted tackles missed with a soaring 15.4 percent rate according to Pro Football Focus.

They did show a slight improvement against Carolina with “only” 12 missed tackles after averaging 14 per outing over the previous three games.

Despite all the rave about his return, Tanard Jackson is the most culpable Buc coming up short on nearly half of his tackles by missing an astonishing 44 percent. Not too far behind is Quincy Black, who is missing on 25.5 percent of his attempts.

The three worst tackling teams in the league are the Bucs, Eagles and Carolina. The best is San Francisco.

The worst tackling secondary in the league is arguably the Eagles led by high priced trade acquisition Nnamdi Asomugha, who has allowed 27.3 percent of runners to escape his grasp. Six of the Bucs missed tackles against Carolina came trying to bring down Jonathan Stewart.

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