Friday, May 24, 2013

Vitale Gala reaches $1.7 million mark but donations still coming in

The Dick Vitale Gala raised $1.7 million this year at its annual event to raise money for pediatric cancer research, but Dickie V. says people are still contributing and the number could go higher.

Vitale said the Gala raised $2.1 million last year thanks to an anonymous donor who gave $500,000 after the Gala was over. This year he is hoping to reach that $2 million mark again.

"Things have been great. We've raised $10.3 million since we started this eight years ago. It's awesome," Vitale said. "We've had great responses from the coaches and many of the people who were there. Many said it was the best event they've ever attended and it certainly is for a good cause."

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