Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does USF/Big East need to change focus?

Are USF and the Big East Conference looking in the wrong direction?

The Bulls and the rest of the seven playing football teams in the league would love to have an eighth team that would at least ease the schedule with four home and four away games each season.

The Big East is also concerned that it might be the next conference raided and is looking at possible new football playing members. The ones most talked about are UCF and Memphis with East Carolina a long shot.

But how about Houston and TCU?

Geography doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to the name of a conference. Houston and TCU in the Big East make more sense than Louisiana Tech in the Western Athletic Conference. And Houston is closer to USF than four of its Big East opponents (Rutgers, Connecticut, Syracuse and Pittsburgh).

Houston and TCU are in non-BCS conferences and upset that they were recently snubbed by the Big 12, which is down to 10 teams.

These are two quality football programs. In fact Houston defeated Oklahoma State and Texas Tech from the Big 12 last year. But maybe that shows the Big 12 wasn’t that good because Houston lost to UCF and East Carolina. TCU finished 12-1 and was sixth in the final rankings.

It seems those are two teams that would certainly enhance the Big East’s chances of remaining a BCS conference if Rutgers and Pittsburgh bolt.

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