Tuesday, June 22, 2010

USF has lowest ticket price

The USF football team has the lowest season ticket prices among all the BCS Conference schools.

According to a study done by Rivals.Com, the Bulls are offering a season ticket for $75, which is lower than any other BCS football program and lower than non BCS rival UCF, whose cheapest season ticket is $99.

The next lowest season ticket price offered by a BCS school is Illinois, which is offering one for $77. On the other end, the school with the highest least expensive season ticket is Ohio State, which is offering one for $607.

The lowest of the cheapest is at Kent State and Western Kentucky, where former Manatee High great Willie Taggart is the new head coach. His Hilltoppers have a season ticket available for $30.

The least expensive season ticket offered by the State’s Big Three according to Rivals.Com are: Florida ($224), FSU ($231) and Miami ($119).

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