Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hills and Sanders try to make it as NFL frenzy continues

Since the NFL ended its lockout there has a been a frenzy out there and it has hit some of our local products.

Receiver Joe Hills out of Palmetto and Southeast graduate Terron Sanders got calls from the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens respectively soon after NFL teams were allowed to contact rookie free agents.

Both are expected to be in camp today fighting for a job. Hills likes his situation with the Titans. They are not expected to resign Randy Moss and their other top big receiver Kenny Britt, has had legals problems and is not someone who can be expected to bring stability to a team right now.

Nearly 6-5, Hills is bigger than receiver on the Titans depth chart and has the size that pro teams covet out of their wide receivers. Click here for full story.

Joe Hills

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