Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scott weight gain could be making Bulls a little nervous

Substantial weight gain can be good or bad for a running back depending on each player's circumstance.

In the case of USF junior transfer Darrell Scott it has to make people around the Bulls feel a little uncomfortable.

Remember he is the highly touted star who came out of high school in California in 2008 rated the number one running back prospect in the country.

He flubbed at Colorado where he was criticized for being out of shape, which perhaps led to a series of injuries that never seemed to go away.

When Scott signed with Colorado in 2008 he was 205 pounds and eventually got up to 215. USF listed the 6-1 junior at 230 last spring, but on this fall's roster with camp opening today he is listed as at 246.

That's a whopping weight gain. A big worry is that when he put on weight at Colorado Scott reportedly didn't add any power. Scott said during spring that he wanted to get his weight down to 225.

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