Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Raheem Morris: Bucs are "Youngry"

Is Raheem Morris becoming the master of the cliche or maybe just looking to replace Jay Leno or one of those other late night talk show hosts someday.

The Tampa Bucs head coach may have had the phrase of the year last season when he coined the phrase "Race To 10" referring to his desire to his young team turn around a three win season from a year ago and win 10 games.

People laughed and some in the media ridiculed him, but they got their 10. Now Morris is at it again and this time no one is laughing.

He called his Bucs team "Youngry" in an ESPN article which has to be the quote of the pre-season so far.

Real simple, the youngest coach in the league is coaching the youngest team and it's hungry, the coach says.

The average age of the starters on the depth chart the Bucs released this week is 25.9 years-old and of those 22 thirteen are 25 or under.

Winning 10 games, but failing to qualify for the playoffs has made his team hungry and they are still young.

So take it to the bank the Bucs are "Youngry"

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