Monday, November 19, 2012

Bottom line for Gators: They have to beat FSU

There are three good reasons Florida's game with Florida State this Saturday is one of the most impotant in Gators' history.

The reason can be explained in three letters: BCS

While everyone on the planet seems to be taking about a Notre Dame-Alabama matchup in the BCS National title game January 7th in Miami, the Gators (4th ranked in BCS) still have a chance to be there.

Granted it will be difficult and take some good fortune. But it's possible and can happen__Only if Florida beats FSU.

If Notre Dame loses to USC this Saturday the Gators could wind up playing in the BCS title game against the winner of the SEC title game between Alabama and Georgia, assuming both of those take care of business this Saturday in their rivalry games: Alabama-Auburn and Georgia-Georgia Tech.

You may smirk at USC beating Notre Dame espeically with Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley out, but this long standing rivalry has produced many upsets through the years. And playing against a quarterback you have no film on has caused more than a few defenses to struggle.

Another worry for Florida is Oregon. If the Ducks make it into the Pac 12 title game they could jump the Gators in the BCS rankings with a win there.

But that could be difficult. Oregon has to beat Oregon State this weekend and hope UCLA beats Stanford, which would then put the Ducks in a Pac 12 must win title game.

If this is getting too complex for Gators fans just remember this: If you beat FSU anything is possible. If you lose to FSU nothing is possible.

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