Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Schiano least favorite coach! Do you really think he cares!

The Tampa Bay Bucs Greg Schiano was voted the NFL head coach you’d least like to play for in a Sports Illustrated poll of players released today.

Schiano was atop the list ahead of his good friend, Bill Belichick of New England then the New York Jets Rex Ryan. Sports Illustrated said 103 players from 27 teams partook in the poll, which asked a variety of questions.
Here is what one player said: “The thing he did at the end of the game early on in the year, the game where the Giants were killing the clock off and downing the ball, there was no reason for that—no reason at all. Everyone’s worried about injuries and safety and that’s what they are doing?”

A question that wasn’t asked, but might be a good one is “Does Schiano really care?”
All those who believe he cares about being the least popular coach raise your hands: that’s what we thought. Schiano has proven in half an NFL season that he does what he wants and too bad if you don’t like it.

A lot of players on the Bucs seem to buying into what he is selling, which is respectability and accountability. It’s led to a 4-4 first half season after last year’s disaster.




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