Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vitale among 50 most influential people in college basketball history

Dick Vitale has been named among the 50 Most Influential People In College Basketball History, according to a list put together by L.A. Times writer Mike Kline.

Though there was no ranking, the first person mentioned in the report is the late UCLA coach John Wooden and then James Naismith, who is given credit for inventing the game of basketball.

Kline had this to say about Vitale:

Love him, hate him or loathe him, Dickie V has certainly left an undeniable mark on college basketball.

While not a highly successful coach, Vitale brought his knowledge of college basketball, as well as his enthusiasm for the game, to the broadcast booth.

He has changed the way the games are viewed and has also been highly involved in the Jimmy V Foundation to help raise money for cancer research.

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