Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cut by Titans, Joe Hills vows he will be back

Cut short by an injury, Joe Hills is looking for another chance to prove himself to the NFL.

The receiver out of Palmetto hurt the meniscus in his right knee on the fourth day of training camp with the Tennessee Titans and it basically ruined any chance he had of making the team.

Hills was waived last week, but was told by the Titans they might call him and invite him to spend the season on their practice squad. His agent said other teams might also issue a similar invitation.

“They told me that my injury hurt me the most in regards to making the team,” Hills said. “I was never able to play in any pre-season games because of the injury and none of our scrimmages involved contact. I hurt my knee on passing drill where I caught the ball and came down with a defender on me and we kind of collided.”

The 6-4, 210 Hills, who played at Tennessee State, said he was keeping all his options open, including the United Football League and the Arena Football League.

“It was good experience going to an NFL camp. I really got to see the business side of football,” Hills said. “I feel confident that I can play in the NFL for a long time. I just need to be healthy. If I get a chance to be on the Titans practice squad I am going to take it. I already know their system so that would be best for me.

“I didn’t tear anything in my knee and feel I am back to one-hundred percent now. I just need to get warmed up and am ready to go.”

Hills said he hopes to hear something today (Sunday) and things should be sorted out by the end of the week at the latest.

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