Wednesday, September 21, 2011

USF hoping to keep BCS status as Big East goes through shakeup-

It’s hard to tell who to believe these days in regards to conference re-alignment.

It makes one wonder about a statement released by the Big East Conference Tuesday night after holding an emergency session in New York City.

In a one paragraph statement, Big East Officials said they were committed to recruiting top level teams for their conference and the remaining football members have committed to stay.

Soon after the meeting, the statement on commitments was refuted by several reports. Most notably that Connecticut did not make a commitment and is pursuing entry into the ACC.

Big East Commissioner John Marinatto said there is not an urgent timetable to add other teams because Syracuse and Pittsburgh, which announced they are going to the ACC, are contractually obligated to the Big East through the 2013 football season.

It makes you wonder if Marinatto is naive or just trying to keep the wolves off his back and save his job. Contracts are broken all the time. It's one reason the ACC recently upped its exit fee to $20 million.

It has been reported that the Big East is pursuing the services academics, mainly Navy and Air Force along with Army. The reports say the conference has the University of Central Florida and East Carolina on the next tier of teams it is thinking of inviting to its football conference.

If the BCS remains intact with all that is going on it’s uncertain if those schools would help the Big East remain a BCS football conference. Read more:

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