Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taggart optimistic as he begins second season

Local legend Willie Taggart begins his second season as head football coach at Western Kentucky tonight in a nationally televised game against Kentucky.

The game will be televised on ESPNU with a 9:15 kickoff.

The former Manatee High quarterback great, says the difference between the first and second year is like night and day.

"Everything last year was new each week and a lot of that involved the players and what we were trying to teach them and what we could expect," Taggart said. "Now we know what to expect from them, what the team is capable of doing and how they respond to certain things."

Taggart said he is relinquishing a lot of duties he had last year such as putting his West Coast offense in so he can concentrate on overseeing the entire program.

"I changed things last year to the West Coast offense, but now my coaches know it and I am going to let them teach it so I can oversee everything in more detail. Now it's more about doing things right and how I want it done rather than just teaching."

For the second straight year, WKU had the highest rated recruiting class in the Sun Belt Conference and have quite a bit of experience back.

"We are looking to win the conference this year," Taggart said.

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